Faces of COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, ICFS is witnessing how our current health crisis is exacerbating existing social inequities and economic disparities. ICFS’s priority currently is to promote an integrated and holistic COVID-19 response, a coordinated healthcare and social service strategy that ensures individual and family access to basic resources and safe conditions (i.e. access to healthcare, food, shelter, security).

At the heart of this strategy is the priority of targeted and inclusive outreach, education, and response efforts that are tailored to the unique realities and needs of diverse populations, a step that is essential to ensure adequate screening and detection for persons at a higher risk of infection, and resource linkage for persons with the most need. Such a strategy would ensure critical resources are accessible to vulnerable and disenfranchised communities that are at an increased risk.

This campaign serves as a platform to highlight diverse stories of recovery, resilience, and response to COVID-19. We hope that our community will use this campaign to give voice to the issues faced by families, explore how to support one another during this crisis so that we can bounce back and be stronger and more united, and provide visibility to the heroic and innovative efforts underway to support families and communities. Please follow us to stay updated on our digital campaign efforts. View the ongoing campaign here!

We remain committed to our work and ask for your support today to allow Interface to continue to offer the vital programs showcased in this campaign. Your generosity allows us to continue to make the social, physical and mental health and wellness of the community our driving mission.


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